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The mechanical stereo garage   [ 12/27/2014 ]

The mechanical stereo garage is appropriate for popularization in the central business dis...

Pay on Foot car parks  [ 12/27/2014 ]

The following carparks operate as Pay on Foot1.       &...

Parking guidance and information ...  [ 12/27/2014 ]

Parking guidance andinformation (PGI) systems, or car park guidance systems, pre...

Matrix product innovation in larg...  [ 12/27/2014 ]

In recent years, with the frequent occurrence of various types of naturaldisasters, public...

Hokay Tech Industry Holdings Limited. is operational center of AEQ Global Business Group in Asian-Pacific Area, which have invested in real estate, chain mall, water treatment, have R & D center and industries in China, own biggest furniture chain mall in Auckland, New Zealand, and biggest market share in water treatment of central air condition in the world.

After year 2010, Hokay Tech Industry Holdings Limited meaningfully invest on R&D of surveillance system, self-service payment system, parking system, parking guidance system, POS etc. Our team always engaged in planning concept new product, self-design inner structure and appearance, engaged in hardware and software development, we trace newest technology features and developed state-of-art model product. Elgant appearance design and fine manufacturing technology make our products fashion and well into the environment, advanced control technology and modular design, make our system is stable and reliable, easy extendable with new functions, with self-check function, realized remote diagnosis, remote upgrade, web-based management system, easy to maintain. We gradually improve and perfect those system and aim at one-stop supplier of all kinds of system for building management. 

We invite those distributors all over the world join us to distribute those equipment and system, we believe our advanced system, cost-effective facilities make you stand at a favorable position, since you still can competitively offer a affordable price to all of our end buyers compare our competitor in those industry.



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