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4 Screen economic HD decoing matrix
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Added Time:2014-10-18
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4 Screen economic HD decoing matrix

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4 screen economic network HD decoding matrix


This facility is Hi-tech matrix which specially design for deployment and management of small and medium-sized and large size television. Which need decode and mosaic on the wall, adopt Linux OS, it is stable and reliable while running, support the decoding output of HD 1080P/720P/D1 video, HD HDMI interface decoding output. Support ONVIF and a variety of network transmission protocol, multi stream decoding method, provide strong support for decoding and switching service of small and medium-sized and large size television. supports control 1080P/720P HD network ball machine, support alarm automatic screen interactive functions, support for IP address conflict detection. 


Main Features


The only platform software in embedded industry, the mouse can arbitrary drag camera IP address to any a window in system for decoding display

To set up and use completely separate from the computer, and analog matrix is so simple, fast and convenient  

Personalized management function, divided into ordinary user and advanced user permission

Can be set for an idle time automatic lock screen lock screen, can only see the image, only to re login to operate

Using the card inserting structure, easy expansion and maintenance

Adopt Linux operating system, stable and reliable operation

Support of different brands of network cameras of different resolution hybrid decoding

There is a maximum of 4 HDMI and 4 VGA output of the mouth

Can be added manually and automatically search network camera IP address, access the IPC number can reach more than 60 thousand (up to project demand optional)

Can use fixed IP or domain name to add port number to access remote webcam video

Compatible with ONVIF network protocol Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, HIKVISION, Da Hua, Yaan, Honeywell, Bosch, Tiandi, Hanbang, Mingjing, Jingyang, red apple, Hengye international, Putian, Lanch, Histream, JCO, JOVISION, ETHER, JUFENG, Santachi made network camera and TOPSEE HD network module (UC), HILINK network HD module (CMS), JUANVISION HD network module and other manufacturers have the network protocol of the ONVIF camera and dome camera

Support USB mouse, simulation of three-dimensional control keyboard operation

Automatically bind camera ID number of switching keyboard use, can change keyboard switch ID of corresponding IP according to need

The built-in database, set the parameters of the user will be stored in the database

A built-in function of virtual computer keyboard, can use mouse cursor to edit alphabet or Chinese characters

Character overlay function, can edit the corresponding geographical information or the name of the network camera

For geographical name, IP address, ID keyboard, can use mouse click to rank with ascending, descending sequence

Each HDMI outputs can be segmented to multi screen, each split screen can be arbitrary switched to display signal from any network camera

Can control the compatible network HD ONVIF dome camera

Can switch with grouping pictures, multi screen automatically round display, single screen automatically round display

Many grouping screen repeatedly display function, can round display many scene automatically

There are alarm linkage video features, through 485 bus alarm host connect switch to collect alarm signal


Product Parameter


Product series




output / input

HDMI outport


VGA output


Split screen number

The first screen with management software platform, 1/4/9/ image segmentation

Output resolution


Decoding parameters

The number of access network camera

256 pcs network camera with resolution of 1080P/960P/720/D1

Decoding ability (Single screen)

1 picture = 1080P

4 pictures = 720P

9 pictures = D1and below D1

Network bandwidth

Video bandwidth

2 Million pixels:8Mbps1.3 Million pixels:6Mbps1 Million pixels:4Mbps,0.40 Million pixels:2Mbps

The external interface

The network interface

RJ45 10M/100M/1000Mbps Adaptive Ethernet port

Serial interface

1 standard RS485 keyboard interface used to access the control keyboard

USB interface



Online upgrade

Can be online upgrade through the USB interface or network

Display response speed

Display speed from camera A switch to camera B is less than 1 second

The response speed of controlling ball

Less than 1 second



Power consumption



The long high width 430X180X45  1U  Standard chassis



Working temperature


Working humidity


Note: the above 16 screen or beyond the 256 ways network camera, need to use one embedded management host





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