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Pay on foot system
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Pay on foot system

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Pay on foot system


In order to lower operating cost, save labor cost, unattended pay station certainly will be a choice for parking lot owner, besides, it offer multiple payment methods to make parker payment easier and raise your management level to higher grade. Pay on foot system is popular in the Europe and North America, more and more countries will used it in the future.


The system consist of entrance control terminal, gate barrier, pay station, exit control terminal and gate barrier, back office management software and so forth. There are much functions for choice, from simple system extended to a complicated system, it is completely depend on requirements from customers.


How it works? When you drive car near the entrance control terminal, press button in entrance control terminal to get entry ticket, it can be a smart card or paper ticket with 2D code, gate barrier will be raised, you drive in parking lot, when loop detect you have driven in parking lot, gate barrier will be down, you find a empty space to parking. After you finish your business and come back to take your car, you should pay your parking fee at pay station. So you insert smart card or scan the 2D code, machine will calculate parking fee you need to pay and show on LCD display, you pay by coin, note currency, storage card, debit card/credit card ( optional ), machine will receive account payable and give change by coin and/or note in case you pay more by banknote. Then machine will rewrite smart card with payment info or reprint a exit ticket with 2D code, parker drive car and insert smart card or scan exit ticket at exit control terminal within 10 minutes you pay, gate barrier and raise up and let you go. This is simple procedure for parking using pay on foot system. Anyway we can introduce some more convenient technology, such as long distance card make parking without stop, storage card needn’t pay at pay station, webpass can booking at website before you visit parking lot and so forth.


Our machine can reserve advertisement room at LCD or faceplate on customer’s request

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