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Gate barrier
item ID:HP-GB-001
Added Time:2015-1-11
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Gate barrier

Product Detail
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1       Automatically unlock while power cut, pole can be manually controlled.

2       Be of self check mode which is easy maintenance and debug

3       Can choose to equip with vehicle sensor, thus, barrier will be of function of “ Pole automatically fall down after car pass”,  “ Protect car from smash “ or “ pole automatically raise function while impacting”.

4       Can choose to equip with two pairs of traffic light for top and channel which set up for roadway toll.

5       Can choose to equip with light insulated long wire drivers, connect to RS232-C serial communication interface of computer, be of plentiful bottom control and state backtrack instruction, will make computer of toll system completely control switch.

6       Add other special function on customer’s request.

7       Controlled by singlechip which be of software trap and watch dog of hardware, never die

8       Adopt magnetic induction Hall transducer to control whole process, work under non-contact, never wear and tear, no excursion.

9       Adopt photoelectric coupling, no touch point, zero crossing conduction technique, main control board have no spark, no interfere, work with high reliability. 

10  Adopt overtime protection of rising and falling, protect switch from unusual damage

11  Adopt mechanical journey switch, process power cut protection

12  Wide range import of single-phase power supply ( 160V-260V), suitable for bad road charging environment in the open air.

13  Light isolated serial communication interface, isolated voltage will be more than 1500V, assure of upper machine safe, realize high reliable communication which against strong electromagnetic interfere of motorcar electronic spark.

14  Adopt precision four-bar linkage mechanism make pole move fast and stable and  slowly stop with no impactmake pole only move within 90 degree, nothing unexpected will happen.

15  Adopt precision automatic trace balance mechanism will make static moment at any position to be zero, thereby furthest decrease drive power and extend life of mechanism in a large.

16  Housing process with advanced waterproof structure and anti-aging outdoor spraying plastic, tightness and endurance, never fade.

17  Technical parameter


Working power supply

AC220V 150W

Working temperature

-20 - +85

Working humidity

5% - 95%

Down time

1.5s to 6s optional

Pole length

1 to 5 meter optional

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