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1 Communication distance will be 10KM

2 Adopt non-contact induction card operate, no mechanical wear and tear,  free maintenance

3       When communication fault, computer system will automatcally change to offline run, be of automatic shift between offline and online

4       Store 40,000 offline records on standard edition, can extend 2,000,000 records in professional edition controller

5       Configure flexible interface of space guidance LED display, satisfy various demand on different situation.

6       Switch interface adopt serial communication which be of thunder-proof photoelectric insulation current ring, strong control function.

7       When system is in online run, can catch image and contrast real time

8       One CAN bus controller can connect with many kinds of card readers, dispensers, LED displays, and barriers, easy to meet various configuration requirement in large parking lot. It is easy to meet various configuration requirement in large parking lot.

9       Intercom system with center and automatically count and statistics function

10  High brightness LED display with automatic display, scroll display, space available display.

11  Exterior measurement, color are optional

12  Voice prompt, seek help by intercom

13  Suitable temperature, -20 to +65

14  Card validator in exit cooperate with loop coil sensor work together

15  When car drive out and press the underground loop coil, detector have been touch off, at the same time, startup work of antenna. Monthly card holder within 20CM of antenna, show card, antenna can read card info and transmit those info to process module, and the transmit to computer for processing, otherwise, card will not be read.

16  Operator can guide driver how to operate by intercom

17  Adopt cold steel rolling crustsurface spray-painted by static powder, water proof, antirust, anti-collision, elegant appearance.

18  Main capability parameter


Power supply

AC220V, 150W

Working temperature

-20 - +85

Working humidity

5% - 95%

Suitable linear power supply import

5VDC3A + 12VDC1A + 24VDC1A

Suitable read and write module

LEGIC/Mifare/Motorola/HID/EM/Ti/ CrypTag

Suitable dispenser


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