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1       Controller makeup


The controller adopt new generation CAN bus controller which specialized development for parking lot system, communication distance reach 10KM, integration degree and reliability are extremely high, perfect function, rich in interface, all interface adopt anti-lighting strike design, automatic shift between online and offline, temporary card charge offline, voice prompt on charge, card capacity of standard edition controller will be 4,000pcs, offline memory is 40,000 records pcs. Professional edition card capacity is 16,000pcs, offline memory will be expanded to 2,000,000 records.  Support monthly card, money refilling card, temporary card, operator card, etc. 16 kinds of card. Support 16 kinds of charging type of cars, support many kinds of charge modes, such as room and outdoor, festival and vacation, peak-valley, can accurately finish all kinds of logic control which required by professional parking lot, such as read and take card only while car arrived, one card for one car, mutual lock between monthly card reading and temporary card issuing, take count of residual card in dispenser, report card short and card jam, count on space available, automatic close system and temporary card issuing when space is full.


The controller configuration is flexible, it is compatible for all peripheral equipment, connect with many kinds of card readers, many sets of card dispenser, many sets of LED display, many pieces of barriers, connect with space available controller and data collection processor of space guidance system.


Self development singlechip to control and manage memory module, drive module of card dispenser, drive module of card acceptor, offer interface for all kind of IC/ID card reader, light insulated serial communication interface, switch drive interface, word display drive interface, space available guidance LED display interface, CAN bus interface, Vehicle detector and loop coil interface, power supply module and backup battery, etc.


2       Function of main controller


Clock module

Can be corrected time by upper machine, display date, time and manufacturer name

Card dispenser module

While vehicle press sensor, driver press button, dispenser will issue one IC card, transmit to the induction area by IC card microchip, and realize one vehicle only can take one card.

Card acceptor

Follow the instruction of upper machine, reclaim temporary card which paid but not overtime, after succeed in accepting card, allow go by raise barrier

Card reading process

Drive reading and writing module to identify and read authorized IC/ID card which come into induction area of antenna at any time. Read all required datum from card one time, transfer  them to CPU for process, whole process will be less than 0.1s.  After card come into induction area, firstly read card category, card No., loss reporting sign, entry and exit sign and time, effective time and so forth, and then come into corresponding processing procedure according to card category, display and report card No., according to reply from upper machine, monthly card display period of validity or card state (such as invalid, overtime, reporting loss, state of entry and exit), temporary card will show validity period or other card state.   

Serial communication interface

Fulfill transmit instruction to lower machine, transmit local card No. and state reporting to upper machine.

Switch driving interface

According to instruction of upper machine and other logic decision, drive pole of barrier up, down or stop, keep state.

Display driving interface

According to instruction of upper machine and logic conditiondrive LED display show corresponding operational prompt or message, such as please take card or read card, please read card and pay, charge amount ***.**, effective date and time, etc.

Space available display interface

According to instruction of upper machine, drive space available LED to display full, available number or other prompt message.

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